Home Study:
is the assessment of a common set of requirements that must be met when the department places a child into someone’s home, whether a relative/non-relative, foster care or adoptive home. 

Frequently asked questions

Who needs a Home Study?

In order to have a child placed with you for adoption, you must have a home study completed prior to placement and submitted to the court. You do NOT need a home study for an adult or stepparent adoption.

How can you fail a home study?

Felony Conviction, adoption is usually prohibited for any person who has been convicted of felony child abuse or neglect, drugs or alcohol abuse, or domestic violence. Other family members living in the home with prior convictions. Health concerns making one or both parents unable to care for a child. Financial difficulties or a pattern of debt that shows an inabilty to reliably provide for a child. Dishonesty in the home study process and in documentation submitted. Being uncooperative with the Adoptive Parent Coordinator or agnecy.

Can a home study be expedited?

We love it when a family is united even sooner than planned! There is an expedited home study fee but we will make it hapen as quickly as possible so that your child can welcomed into your home.

What kind of things do you look for during a home visit?

The Adoptive Parent Coordinator will be looking to make sure there is enough food in the fridge, there are no dirty clothes in sight, all the medicine is locked away, all cabinets have locks on them, windows, and doors, and the bedrooms of the children are safe for them to play and sleep in. The question they are looking to answer is: is this home a healthy and safe environment that is prepared for the arrival of a child?

How often does a home study need to be updated?

A home study for adoption will need to be updated yearly until you’re placed with a child and the adoption is finalized. If you experience a change in your life like a new address, job, or a new member of the family like a pet or someone moves in with you.

What happens after the child is placed?

Once a child is placed with you, your Adoptive Parent Coordinator will visit within one week for a post-placement visit. They will need to visit at least three times before your finalization. Post-placement visits are done to check in on the child and make sure that everyone is adjusting well and settling into the new routine.

What does a home study assess?

(1) If the caregiver(s) are able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for a child or siblings. (2) If the physical environment provides for safe and reasonable accommodations for the the child. (3) If the caregiver(s) possess adequate financial resources to care for the child. (4) If there is anything in the background history of the caregiver(s) or household member(s) that is a current concern or disqualifies them from providing care. (5) Whether the caregiver(s) need further support or assistance.

Are pets allowed?

Of course they are! We love our friendly 4 legged family members. You will need to provide us with your veterinarian information and your pet's medical and shot records.

How long does it take to complete a home study?

Usually a home study can be completed within 30 days. The adoptive parents must secure the paperwork required by the various agencies as far as background checks and this will determine the length of time. The Agency can complete the home study as quickly as you can provide us with the paperwork.

What is the first step for a home study?

There are two parts to a home study: 1. Completing paperwork and submitting documenation 2. The home visits The forst step is completing an application and submitting it to the Agency with your families information.

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