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Knowing looks and explaining without words
Pulling hair and ‘SHE DOESN'T SHARE’
Glaring at each other across the table and getting into fights over the simplest of things
‘Born from the same mother' you share the same genes
That's not what makes you a sister no matter what you think
Being together since birth and always having the same last name
‘You guys are sisters, you have been forever’
‘Born from the same mother’ you share the same genes
That’s not what makes you a sister no matter what you think
The only person who knows what you think
And the only person who you can share your secrets with
The first ever nightmare
To wedding day
Best friends, adopted, step sisters,
No matter what if you know they will love you threw thick and thin
She’s your sister,
She's always been.   

                                                 By Ayelet     age 11


Siblings are the people that teach us about life. They teach us what it means to be kind and caring, to be fair, and to know we will not always be right. They teach us about teamwork, conflict resolution, and most importantly they teach us what it is to love and be loved. 

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